Sole Proprietor

Going it alone can be demanding and the right support will prove invaluable.

We work with: Sole Proprietors & self-employed – including: real estate agents, independent contractors, independent professionals – freelance designers, IT professionals, web developers and programmers.

Personal pro tax services

Whether it’s personal or business, Tax legislation is complicated.  Our in-depth understanding allows us to navigate the Income Tax Act to your advantage. By making make full use of applicable credits and allowances we maximize income while ensuring full compliance with CRA regulations.

Sole Proprietor start-up package

Going self-employed is a big step. It’s not easy, but ultimately it can be very rewarding. Prime Factor’s sole proprietor start up package, gives you the tools you need to stay on top of the financial aspects of your business from day one.

Sole Proprietor bookkeeping 

As revenue grows, add on monthly bookkeeping we’ll stay on top of HST, WSIB and other remittances that may be due.

Plus, you’ll get up to the minute reporting that identifies trends and opportunities to allow you to concentrate on what you do best.

Support and Representation

We can help with: CRA & WSIB assessments, phone calls, meetings and required documentation. Let our experience simplify any complications and keep stress to a minimum.

Thinking of incorporating?

Most growing businesses will incorporate at some point. There can be considerable tax advantages, in addition to a reduction in personal liability. On the other hand, more administration is required including a corporate tax return. We can help you decide if incorporation makes sense for your business, advise you on the best type of corporation and share structure and handle incorporation on behalf of your new company.